I welcome you to the web page of the school, known for its high academic achievements.

We at PBPS aim to provide a disciplined and conductive environment for capacity building, collaboration and compassion.

A well planned activity calendar with a vision to boost the confidence of children besides developing lingual know-how is adopted at pre-primary level. The word-object association formed at this stage helps the students understand the surroundings in targeted languages. Primary curriculum in PBPS is a blend of fun-filled classroom activities and sports’ activities. The expressions, manners, discipline, environmental sensitivity, students’ self-image and values are the key focus areas. Middle school curriculum is more towards academic excellence besides extra-curricular activities, sports’ activities and team-sprit. The activities and assessments are aligned to meet the academic rigor of the national curriculum offered by CBSE. High school and higher secondary curriculum focuses on a holistic instruction strictly as per the CBSE curriculum. We offer Science and Commerce streams with wide range of optional subjects. Work experience, Health and Physical Education are integral part of the curriculum.

Parents interested to know more about the school are encouraged to contact us.

-Inspiring Academic Excellence.